Skull fire breast cancer awareness hoodie


You’re all screaming out in pain and you band together with all the other people with the same pain. Replace the word pain with mental illness and there you go.  Flynn Spin man whatever you’ve been smoking you need to share with the rest of us . Adrian Dunn that was my guess too but I’ve never tried LSD. Or nature follows symmetries and patterns because well cause probability. I knew it this site is so fake, this alchey. Skull fire breast cancer awareness shirt

Skull fire breast cancer awareness shirt

Most humans are born brilliant then convinced otherwise. We are born with full brain connectivity (like on LSD) and we slowly learn to put up walls n filter the “extraneous” info out. A good trip breaks those filters back down n allows you to once again use the whole brain. Just don’t take too much or you won’t be able to use it. 100-150ugs is plenty to give control with an open mind. More overwhelms with wild imagery. People just believe they’re dumb cos they’ve been told so. Some of us are more visual thinkers naturally (me for eg I hallucinate constantly) and will see patterns more easily. Others have emotional intelligence, others learn more through sound. But we all have the capacity for brilliance. it’s interesting that you mention sound because I’m musically brilliant. I can hear a piece of music and play it back albeit not perfectly the first time. I mainly sing and people have said that I’m better than Pavarotti. I’m not sure I believe what they tell me though. Well I had someone try say it makes you stupid to me the other week based on her few bad experiences; and I’m thinking well if it’s so bad, why after 20 years use am I more open minded and intelligent than I ever was? Why does it help my epilepsy stay in check. Most drugs are illegal because of propoganda. Some are really dangerous and don’t have many positives or if they do such positives are really short lived,. The rest are illegal because they are a threat to war. If everyone has decent perspective thru some good trips or feels all lovey cos they’re stoned they won’t fight. Fill them with piss n say some commie stole their land or freedom.

Skull fire breast cancer awareness lady shirt
Skull fire breast cancer awareness lady shirt
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