Queen Rock Band Friends Lady Shirt


Freddie was extremely private about his personal life. Making suck a movie and taking the most private aspects of his life and throwing them in the face of the public is not only the kind of movie the band didn’t want to make. Queen Rock Band Friends Shirt

Queen Rock Band Friends Shirt

It’s funny seeing all the mention of Freddie wanting to keep his sexuality private meanwhile have you SEEN him perform? There’s no hiding that unless you’re completely dense. I’m totally down for this movie but I would have also liked brünos version. Michael O’Bannon I know plenty about it. Freddy was not straight tho, regardless of how much he loved Mary. So this movie is being explicitly dishonest. And I stand by my neologism. Hannah Jean Jagalo Werst Did we watch the same trailer? Watch at around the 31 second mark. What about this scene implies a depiction of Freddie as straight? Granted it is only a brief moment in the trailer but it’s clearly part of something longer and more involved in the movie or else they wouldn’t have even bothered to edit it in.

Queen Rock Band Friends Shirt
Queen Rock Band Friends Shirt
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