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I was just watching a video of you from when you were about 17 where you played Last Call, My Own Monster, and Search Me. I learned Last Call and Search Me, but I think I play Search me better. I noticed that your strumming is great. You have a great rhythmic sense, and are able to focus on playing these great rhythms while singing, which is really hard. I have to relearn Last Call. For somebody to write songs like that at 17 is amazing. Pink Floyd Guitar Signature Shirt

Pink Floyd Guitar Signature Shirt

I’m sure boxing historians would disagree with you and say it’s still Sugar Ray Robinson to this very day. he really shopping when he wants to if he has to wait for neimans to close or go before they open. If you can only shop during “special hours” sounds like he shops when neimans wants him to shop and why are his socks so high. Money is numbers and numbers never end. If it takes money to make you happy your search for happiness will never end – Bob Marley. Good advice is good advice, regardless of its source. Can someone not be wise and smoke a joint too? There’s wisdom in the lyrics to his songs, I don’t see how it has to be one or the other, to generalise and say if you smoke dope your opinions don’t matter or are not valid is quite a limiting view . Personally I don’t hate Mayweather, how can I judge a mans character I’ve never met? Boring boxer to watch in my opinion but a master of his sport none the less. Barely see him in a picture without bundles of cash. Definitely prefer Paquios attitude towards the use of the money he’s made, far more humble. There’s still more richest mans in the world are still claiming money can’t buy happiness, so majority win. I like Bob tho. onasiss at one time the richest man on earth sayd. if somebody says money makes you happy you can bet he never had some.

Pink Floyd Guitar Signature Women Shirt
Pink Floyd Guitar Signature Women Shirt
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