Maleficent the thrones is mine Game Of Thrones hoodie


i love it. “everyone needs a scapegoat.”last week, I was on this page regarding the same thing, and one of the ladies had a post regarding what “real juggalos” were like. the response from the fanbase was, “get over that pussy shit, I beat people up if I WANT to, nigga, dat ‘ninjas are misunderstood’ shit, NIGGA DEY UNDERSTAND ME. she legitimately had to delete her response to the post because so many ninjas jumped on her case for being “soft. Maleficent the thrones is mine Game Of Thrones shirt

Maleficent the thrones is mine Game Of Thrones shirt

Jake Matthew Halstead, any one who whoops some ones ass because they didn’t know the lyrics is pussy ass piece of shit. I don’t know the lyrics to every song by every group i would go to see. So what? I paid to see them perform. I’ve watched different vids on Shags and J talking about the rediculousness of a lot of the fans. A lot of them tell others they’re not real juggalos if they don’t paint their faces for the concerts. What a crock of shit. They both stood there on stage and let every one know that’s complete bull shit and that those people need to knock it off. A juggalo is a fan of them and that music. You don’t have to know all the lyrics and paint your face. It’s Funny How We Got Our Name Back And Got Off The Gang List And Yet People Is Still Calling Us That Just To Piss Us Off.  I Swear People Don’t Know How To Keep Their Mouth Shut. Being A Juggalo Means More Than Just Being A Fan Cuz It’s All About Family. Sounds like CO just has shitty people. Been to ICP/Twiztid/Dark Lotus etc concerts and never once witnessed a fight over knowing lyrics. Yeah, use lyrics from a song that had to do with gang shit to say we a gang. Yet no one is exclaiming we all eat dead bodies, fuck dead chicks, hunt bigots, fuck fat chicks etc because why, it’s fuckin entertainment. Using lyrics of songs to justify a point like this is asinine.

Maleficent the thrones is mine Game Of Thrones sweatshirt
Maleficent the thrones is mine Game Of Thrones sweatshirt
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