I put a hatchet man sticker on the back of my car. I had been repeatedly pulled over. Searched and treated like dirt. I got an outrageous ticket that I didn’t deserve. Couldn’t pay it on time and my license was suspended. So yeah September 2017 I will be at the “million clown march” lol. James Adam Pullen I’m from WV too, my son got in trouble for wearing his gear, I had to take off my Hatchetman because of the bullshit. In the world full of Clowns be a Joker shirt

In the world full of Clowns be a Joker shirt

Who ever ain’t one of us can’t and won’t understand us ,, I been a juggalo since I was 13 now I’m Goin on 32 ,, these fresh dope ass rhymes have stopped me from Goin out doin dumb shit ,their music has helped me through out my life ,helped me get through all the hard times n trust me there’s been times I just felt like giving up , n I’d pop on some icp or twiztid n bob my head to the beat n start feeling better about myself ,, I’ll be 80 years old (if I live that long) still bumping this wicked shit n representin the hatchet til I die ,it’s on my skin & in my heart ,body,soul , much love to all juggalos. Hell yea carnival brother many times coulda been in the middle of dumb shit. Rather stay home blowing out my ear drums. whoop whoop. Also been a juggalo since 13, and same thing man. The wicked clowns have been there through ups and downs and both have had and still do have a positive influence in my life. Down with the clowns til I’m dead in the ground. Same here since 15 and now I just turned 37 on September 30th juggalo family for life.

In the world full of Clowns be a Joker lady shirt
In the world full of Clowns be a Joker lady shirt
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