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It was good but didn’t think it was scary my opinion! What Halloween movie is the scariest. Surprised Michael was back in haddonfield and didn’t visit his childhood home like he’d done 40 yrs prior.  I still can’t figure out if this is a good movie with bad scenes or a bad movie with good scenes. He’ll be saved for the next film along with that baby that was in the crib. I like the First Second and Last are my favorite movies. Hot cocoa scary movies pumpkin spice mug

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Hot cocoa scary movies pumpkin spice mug

I have one question that no one ever touches on. Per the director and various critics, we are to watch this movie with only the original Halloween kept in mind. All the other crappy sequels are discounted. So having said that, how did Michael wind up in hospital in first place? Remember in the original he fell off the balcony and disappeared. So why wasnt it clarified how they caught him? Any ideas. Any1 else notice when the dad got killed by Michael in Lauries front yard then magically his dead body was in the cabinet with the mannequins ay the end. Wish this would have been the last movie but nope you hear him breathing at the end so its not lauries final confrontation apparently. Did anyone else think it was strange that that young teen driving with his father started discussing his dance class? Not that there is anything wrong with it, but it just seems like a topic that is too specific and would distract for the movie. Why even bring it up.  Loved the movie but these “bonus features” are seriously weak. No commentary and a “Maiking Of” thats 5 minutes long. The whole doctor helping Michael aspect was stupid IMO and I wish they had toned down the gore a bit and made it more suspenseful like the original which showed practically nothing. The music was ok but seriously sounded like something Carpenter slapped together on a Casio keyboard overnight versus an actual soundtrack like the original.

Hot cocoa scary movies pumpkin spice mug
Hot cocoa scary movies pumpkin spice mug
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