Harry Pothead Scary Movie Sweatshirt


Alexa Rae Meredith the only race I hate is the human race. We are the only species to find fault and hate those faults. We then try to correct those by over compensating. There is a race problem in the US, but to compensate for it by having darker skin people play roles that were originally white people is racist. Looks like people are trying to overcompensate. Harry Pothead Scary Movie Shirt

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Harry Pothead Scary Movie Shirt

I’ve heard the show itself is quite remarkable, but the storyline/published script was pretty “meh.” Felt like a random person’s fan fiction more than a real entry in the HP lore.  I got really excited thinking that it was a new movie I hadn’t heard of but then sad when she said a Broadway show. Maybe, if David Yates gets a chance, to make the Movie, and do the movie right. The Cursed Child want be so “Cursed”.But I heard this was not going to happen, but it was said, the Cursed Child Broadway was not going to happen either for TV.  In our house, if we are ever referring to something that we just want to pretend doesn’t exist, we call it The Cursed Child. If you haven’t read it, do yourself a favor and don’t.  I have to save money for another 12 years before i can go there but it is on top of my wishlist to go there. I realy realy want to go. I have nothing special to where sadly enough. But i would by a hogwarts school uniform/rope to waer when i am there. (I can’t post a picture. I’ve never been there before, but I have no wizard clothes and the best I could do is wear a Halloween costume instead..

Harry Pothead Scary Movie Shirt
Harry Pothead Scary Movie Shirt
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