Hard Rock Cafe Deathstar sweatshirt


Thanks for the Badge Rock! The other day I was watching one of my favourite movies that you were in it’s called the Gridiron Gang. Awesome flick. Bless you and your family always Rock. Master I just finished watching your wonderful fight you are powerful. Master I want to inform you that frusters are using your pix to decieve people. Lastly I need assistance from you thanks. Awesome news as well maya. Good luck to you in your new role. Hard Rock Cafe Deathstar

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Hard Rock Cafe Deathstar

I don’t know why ,it wasn’t that great of an action adventure movie. Apart they are a great show but together they can be funny but, After watching the movie I was left wishing I had spent my ticket and popcorn and coke on almost any other movie. Tyrese is gonna see this success and make a video of himself crying that he’s broke and take shots at The Rock again. Better then end game I love the Avengers but this movie was off the Chain. So when do we get the sequel? Cause HOLY BOUNCING PECTORAL MUSCLES THIS MOVIE WAS AMAZING. I proposed to my wife after a date night that involved going to see F&F8. We saw Hobbs and Shaw for our 2 year wedding anniversary. Left smiling and excited. You’re a national treasure Dwayne. Be sure to keep an eye out for Nicholas Cage cause I’m sure he’ll be trying to steal you soo. Proof that the Fast franchise is dead, but you aren’t, you were right to do your own thing. we samoans are very proud, thankful and grateful for all that you’ve done to put Samoa on the map.

Hard Rock Cafe Deathstar women shirt
Hard Rock Cafe Deathstar women shirt
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