Halloween You Can't Scare Me I work at Walmart hoodie


People were lined back into the aisle. I don’t mind going to a self check out if I only have a few things but when I have a whole basket full that I’ve loaded, to load on the belt and then load in my car, to load into my home, I’m not self checking out! Their lucky I didn’t walk out. I finally asked a worker, where’s the manager, she pointed to her; which she was working the register. That’s not the sort of thing we want to hear, Shannon. Could you PM us with the details, so we can look into this for you. Halloween You Can’t Scare Me I work at Walmart shirt

Halloween You Can’t Scare Me I work at Walmart shirt

We hope it helps knowing that Walmart is donating the profit from the sale of the featured green bulbs to military service organizations. You can also click the button at greenlightavet.com as another way to show your support! The number of supporters will be displayed on our beacon for all to see during America’s largest Veterans Day parade on 11/11 in New York City. We’re sorry to hear this. The bulbs may have been out of stock due to high demand or other circumstances. We are working hard to ensure all of our stores have these bulbs in stock by Veterans Day. Please speak with management at your store to find out when more shipments will arrive. Sorry you couldn’t find the green lights at your local store, Daleen. The opportunity to participate in Greenlight A Vet happened so quickly, but we’re working on getting the green bulbs in all our stores as soon as possible. We suggest you check again to see if deliveries have been made. Dear Walmart, would you please order more green light bulbs? I’ve made two trips this week and both times you were out! (Which is a good thing,I suppose!). I am very disappointed in Walmart as the several stores I have been have no Green Lights to support the Veterans. I have seen the numerous commercials stating Walmart will have the Green Lights but I haven’t seen any. Several of my family members and friends have fought for this country and I wanted to show them support. I will not shop anymore at Walmart for claiming they support the Veterans.

Halloween You Can't Scare Me I work at Walmart sweatshirt
Halloween You Can’t Scare Me I work at Walmart sweatshirt
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