Halloween Friends Characters TV show sweatshirt


Or Maybe Loki was the Hulk this whole entire time and that’s why he couldn’t transform throughout the movie. good theory, except, while in the buster suit, we saw him try to turn into hulk, so it was actually Bruce. When on earth he won’t turn into the hulk. He is afraid to harm people. Not afraid of Thanos as I saw it anyway. Roland A Manarin maybe or it’s because Hulk was always the strongest and never had a real challenge until he fought. Halloween Friends Characters TV show shirt

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Halloween Friends Characters TV show shirt

People actually get paid to do things like this. Who are you to judge them? That’s right a nobody.  This is how contract negotiations work bucko. You are given certain amount of screen time for certain amount of money. Wake up why don’t you put on a little make up. There’s an article that says that (for the most part) the amount of screen time each character got was directly correlated to the characters that died. In the next movie, a lot of those characters will get more screen time. So, there’s actually a point being made with this. Robert Downey Jr made 100 million for this movie alone that means he was making $92,592 per second.  No you just missed the mark completely it’s OK man I get it your just going to keep this going as long as possible to try to prove my number was off a little to try to escape the fact that you tried to troll and was off horribly it’s cool bro do you but I was still closer lol. Dean MacLennan you need a fried bro you trying to have a conversation now your attempts at insults are sub-par and you should be embarrassed. Come on man I’ll be your bro we can be besties And as far as the patriots go best team ever send mr your address I’ll send you some gear to start this friendship off right.

Halloween Friends Characters TV show hoodie
Halloween Friends Characters TV show hoodie
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