Master Yoda Freemasonry shirt, hoodie, tank top


Master Yoda Freemasonry shirt, hoodie, tank top

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I have had a child at Prep since 2000 and Prep use to feel like a family. They had great teachers, many have left and it’s sad because like I said in the board meeting , the kids ultimately are the ones who are affected! I just hate that you have been treated this way!! Bless your heart!! I pray that you will find somewhere to work where God needs you. I pray you will enjoy your job and make more money to boot!! It’s sad our schools lose awesome teachers because they are mistreated!!!

Keep sharing!!! This is ridiculous! Biscuit Head… no reason for anyone especially kids to be respectful if their leader is a fool and a mocker I have one quick question by him coming in the rooms and yelling “hey biscuit heads” is this a underlying racial reference? And I’m just asking so please do not attack. This is horrible! This is ridiculous and warrants a full investigation! I’ve seen things manipulated and covered up in school systems before…in my opinion the ONLY answer to this kind of corruption is full exposure and persistently demanding accountability. Get ‘em, Adrian! Students, parents, staff all deserve so much better than this.





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