In the 1350s, thousands of pilgrims flocked to Lirey, France, only to see a sacred object, believed to be the shroud of Jesus’ body when he died. Ukulele chords ukulele scale poster . Pilgrims were convinced that the revered object was real, because the linen still imprinted the image of a man with wounds on his wrists and feet, the aftermath of the investigation. brutal tons. However, the authenticity of the “shroud of Jesus” or “shroud of Turin” has been a subject of controversy for centuries. This is just a fake version of the real shroud that was burned in a fire, or indeed the cloth wrapped the body of the Redeemer and trapped the Lord’s body by the strong energy release after Resurrected Lord? In 70 AD (ie 40 years after Jesus died on the cross), Jerusalem was destroyed by the Roman Empire. Legend has it that the Shroud of God was brought to Edessa (today Urfa, Turkey). The hunts and terrors in the 2nd century have caused people to hide the secret cloth behind the walls surrounding the city. In 525, a terrible flood destroyed most of Edessa, a cloth found during the rebuilding of collapsed walls and was called Mandylion.

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