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Harry Potter is a kid who was destined to two My patronus is xanax shirt adoring guardians, Lily and James Potter. Harry, similar to his folks, is a wizard. When Harry was one year old, his folks were slaughtered by a dull expressions (malicious) wizard named Lord Voldemort, leaving him with a scar looking like a lightning jolt. Voldemort had heard a prediction that his most prominent adversary would be a kid that had a similar definite portrayal as Harry. It is later uncovered that the prediction likewise could have been Neville Longbottom. Voldemort neglects to execute Harry and vanishes.

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After the passings of his folks, he was raised by his non-mystical Aunt Petunia (muggle), Uncle Vernon, and cousin (Dudley) and they didn’t treat him well. As a youngster, he didn’t realize he was a wizard. He in the long run finds that there are numerous mystical individuals, living furtively and escaping non-wizards (known as “Muggles”). When Harry turned eleven on July 31st, he got a letter welcoming him to go to a school called Hogwarts for youthful witches and wizards. Each book recounts to the account of one year of his life at the school.

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