wolf and moon spirit bedding set

Tha Chin River Basin did not treat their wastewater according to regulations . Furthermore, only a few water pollution indicators are monitored, leaving dangerous substances such as heavy metals potentially undetected. The authorities have taken steps to alleviate some of these pressures. Stricter emissions standards, fuel reformulation and inspection processes have been progressively introduced to tackle urban air pollution. Other measures have included public campaigns for carpooling and car-free days. The expansion of public transport systems has also helped tackle urban air pollution, although efforts have been concentrated in Bangkok. Cities such as Chiang Mai have no public transport systems and have seen traffic congestion and air pollution rise over the years. Moreover, even in Bangkok, public transport remains underdeveloped, although the Bangkok Mass Transit Master Plan foresees a massive expansion of the rail network. However, biodiversity remains under threat. Compared to other middle-income countries, Thailand performs poorly on several indicators of biodiversity (Figure 4.3). Numerous species are at risk of extinction, including 118 mammals (35% of known mammal species in Thailand), 168 birds (17%), 49 reptiles (12%), 18 amphibians (11%), 202 fish (7%) and plants. Ecosystem loss due to land use change is also a concern. For example, the country’s wetlands are decreasing due to irrigation and farmland encroachment, especially in the North and Northeast regions . Other threats include invasion of alien species , trafficking of wild animals and plants, and climate change and pollution, which affects freshwater, marine and coral reef ecosystems “wolf and moon spirit bedding set”

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