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The context of US concern over Agent Orange was one in which the relations between the US and Viet Nam had been warming. After the end of the trade embargo in 1994, the US and Viet Nam established diplomatic relations. While a number of contentious issues were ironed out, one remaining cause for concern had been the issue of Agent Orange. This led to, over a number of years and long-running negotiations, the funding of environmental assessment and remediation work, alongside other international donors. “…In addition, Cambodia and Laos may insist similar treatment for their purported Agent Orange “victims” , raising the potential overall cost and the administrative difficulties of addressing this war legacy issue. However, past and existing humanitarian aid programs in Vietnam, addressing victims of land mines and HIV/AIDS, demonstrate the provision of aid need not imply legal or moral responsibility”. “…there is a concern in the United States that if the U.S. government were to seemingly accept some legal or moral responsibility for the Vietnamese “victims” of Agent Orange, it could have undesirable implications for future military conflicts. In this view, for the U.S. government, it remains important that any and all assistance being provided to address the after effects of the use of Agent Orange in Vietnam be seen as a humanitarian act, and not an admission of culpability. The politicised nature of research into environmental contamination and health impacts was in part due to the high concern around the use of DU weapons at that time, in Iraq and internationally “eagle with american and confederate flag bedding set”

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