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Betsy Ross was making flags around that time—a receipt shows that the Pennsylvania State Navy Board paid her 15 pounds for sewing ship’s standards. But similar receipts exist for Philadelphia seamstresses Margaret Manning (from as early as 1775), Skeleton betsy ross flag shirt Cornelia Bridges (1776) and Rebecca Young, whose daughter Mary Pickersgill would sew the mammoth flag that later inspired Francis Scott Key to write “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

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Ross made banners for the Pennsylvania naval force during the American Revolution. The banners of the Pennsylvania naval force were directed by the Pennsylvania Navy Board. The board answered to the Pennsylvania Provincial Assembly’s Committee of Safety. In July 1775, the President of the Committee of Safety was Benjamin Franklin. Its individuals included Robert Morris and George Ross. Around then, the board of trustees requested the development of gunboats that would in the long run need signals as a feature of their hardware. As late as October 1776, Captain William Richards was all the while keeping in touch with the Committee or Council of Safety to demand the structure that he could use to request banners for their armada.

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