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Are you a fan of Bruce Lee? You can’t ignore this Bruce Lee vs Muhammad Ali shirt. Bruce Lee was an actor and not a fighter. Lee did not compete in full contact martial arts fights or even point competition in sanctioned tournaments. Joe Lewis, Bill Wallace, and Benny Urquidez actually fought as combatants in sanctioned fights that had real knockouts and real winners and losers. Ali fought Antonio Inoki in a so-called Boxing vs Wrestling event. All the rules were rewritten just before the event and no wrestling whatsoever was allowed.

Bruce Lee vs Muhammad Ali shirtBruce Lee vs Muhammad Ali lady shirt

At a glance you might assume Bruce was faster thanks to his smaller size, but being big doesn’t make you slow. In fact Muhammad Ali’s style was focused on speed. His style revolved on using constant movement and fast reflexes to keep moving around his opponents. He was so good that he could actually dodge punches from his opponents instead of just taking the hits despite his size. Don’t undersell Muhammad Ali’s strength though. Of his 56 wins, 37 were by knock out. That was against men in his own weight class he knocked out, ie, they were much bigger and could take more abuse than Bruce Lee.

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