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If you love your cats, you can’t pass this Cat show me your kitties vintage shirt. Just like us humans, the things cats find interesting, fun, or exciting can change as they age—your cat may love her toy with feathers one day, but find it boring the next. As a kitty parent, it’s your job to recognize when your cats’ interests change, so you can keep her happy, healthy, and engaged. Although likes can vary from cat to cat, these eight kitty “likes” are a great place to start. It’s no secret that cats love to sleep. In fact, the average kitty sleeps for a whopping 12 to 16 hours per day!

Cat show me your kitties vintage shirtCat show me your kitties vintage tank top

Since felines are nighttime animals, they nap a large portion of the day away and who can accuse them? Everybody cherishes a pleasant, long snooze in a comfortable, comfortable spot. Remember, cats and senior felines will invest more energy resting than, state, a juvenile feline. In any case, in case you’re concerned that your feline is dozing excessively or too little converse with your vet about what’s typical for his breed, age, action level, and size. It keeps them clean. In addition to the fact that grooming helps felines expel soil and grime from their jackets, yet it keeps predators and prey from recognizing them. How? Licking their jackets expels any scents it has retained.

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