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Duryodhana is about to die and ask Asvatthan to destroy his Pàndu brothers. Asvatth vows to carry out the prayer of Duryodhana. He discussed with Krpa and Krtavarrman that at night he slipped into the camp to assassinate the Pandu brothers (breaking the law). Krpa and Krtavaman did not spread the words, but only followed and waited outside the camp. Asvat killed Dhrstadyumna, Sikhandin, Uttamaujas, Prativindhya, Sutasoma, Satànìka and Srutakìrti when these people were sleeping. US women’s national soccer team all players signature shirt. Next, Asvatthàman killed five of Dràupadì’s children, and used the magic to kill the unborn child, Pariksit, in Abhimanyu’s womb. But thanks to Krishna’s permission, Pariksit lives again. Asvatthàman brought the first five Pàndu children to Duryodhana and said that the beginning of the five Pàndu brothers. Duryodhana knows not to scold Asvatthana for killing innocent children. After finishing his sentence, he died.

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