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Tormund GOT Milk Game Of Thrones shirt

The first construction highway was Bien Hoa highway, inaugurated on April 28, 1961. Tormund GOT Milk Game Of Thrones shirt. Regarding the railway, the Xuyen Dong Duong railway was completed by France in 1936, but in the 1950s, the road south. the 17th parallel, about a third were damaged by the war, unusable. [86] The remaining are two sections from Dong Ha to Da Nang and from Saigon to Ninh Hoa. The reconstruction lasted four years until 1959, when the train ran all the way from Saigon to Dong Ha, the first time after 12 years of interruption. [87] Railway productivity was initially promising but in the 1960s the security situation was a big obstacle. In 1963 onwards, the passenger train did not run another night because of the National Front’s attacks on the route from Hue to Saigon. [88] As of 1971-1972, the Republic of Vietnam had 1,240 km of railway but only 57% could use it. However, the total number of passengers and freight carried by railways increased gradually

However, when the US gradually withdrew, the transport infrastructure gradually declined due to lack of funding to maintain. By the end of 1969, because the US stopped hiring Vietnamese workers and reduced aid, the economy of the Republic of Vietnam was degraded, inflation became serious, causing the government of the Republic of Vietnam to ban a ban on car imports. from abroad. The oil crisis of 1973 continued to hit a heavy blow to the transport system. Due to rising oil prices while the US reduced economic aid, the Republic of Vietnam fell into a shortage of gasoline, many vehicles had to be shelved, better-off households could only afford to buy gasoline when they had a chance. important. Even in Saigon, the situation of people walking or cycling to work a few kilometers away has become popular since 1973.

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