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Two brothers – Opito and Obina from northern Uganda, are grappling with the strict creed of their culture. Opito is in love with beautiful, educated Gladys but his parents reject his choice. He is seized by a spirit in her form – the alien woman. Obina, is courted by a southern beauty who is at the same university. She is seen as an alien woman by Obina as well as his family and at first she is rejected. But she has qualities that transcend generations and cultures. Through his novella, Ocen L. takes us through Rural and town life and lays bare the conflicting ideas between the two – notably, the views on education; inter marriages and witchcraft as perceived by the folk of Bungatira.

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The Novel is set in the period of 1990s. The climax of insurgency and insecurity in the greater North. The effects of LRA and cattle rustling by Karamojong are inescapable around the time. The Let’s see them aliens shirt spillover gave birth to grueling / demanding poverty, social break down of services such as Education and Health, an imbalance that roars its heads to the present day. It is not surprising therefore that Ocen Lawrence makes reference to some of these issues as part of his themes in the Novella (ch 14; pgs109 – 110). Even the spirit that seized Opito in the form of Gladys is referred to as an Alien because it is something strange and brings fear.

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