Infinity Gauntlet This Teacher Survived The 2018-2019 School Year shirt


Zemo deliberately left evidence (including the body of the real interrogator) to show that he was the bomb culprit in Vienna and controlled Barnes. Believe, Stark uses them to convince Wilson to tell him the location of Rogers. Infinity Gauntlet This Teacher Survived The 2018-2019 School Year shirt. Stark chased Rogers and Barnes to Siberia without even telling Ross, and he was unaware that T’Challa was following him. They discovered that the other Winter Warriors were killed by Zemo. Zemo shows Stark a security video from 1991, revealing that Barnes is the killer who killed Stark’s parents to steal samples of super soldiers from their cars. Knowing that, Stark went madly demanding to kill Barnes, and Rogers tried to defend his old friend even though he knew this fact before. Barnes lost his machine arm in the war, and Rogers neutralized Stark’s Mark XLVI armor. Rogers takes Barnes away and leaves the shield behind him. Satisfied to achieve the purpose of revenge for the death of the family in the Sokovia attack by cracking the Avengers squad from inside, Zemo intended to kill himself, but T’Challa stopped him and make him take it back.

After the battle, Stark provided Rhodes with a pair of tripods to recover from the injury, and Rogers broke in and rescued his teammate from prison Raft after sending Stark a postcard containing his own phone and Mediation letter with a request to ignore you. In the mid-credits, Barnes is hiding at Wakanda, and he decides to hibernate until the brainwashing treatment is found. During the post-credits, Peter Parker returned home in Queens, New York and tinkered with the silk-shot machine that Tony Stark built for him.

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