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At the time of its discovery, Acrocanthosaurus was known only in some crumbs like most other zooplankton, so there were many different classifications. A Quilter’s Brain shirt. First, J. Willis Stovall and Wann Langston, Jr. classify it as the “Antrodemidae” family, the present day Allosauridae. Later in 1956 Alfred Sherwood Romer converted it into the Megalosauridae sorting unit (Dai long). [19] The row of thorns on the back also made some scholars think that Acrocanthosaurus had some relation with Spinosaurus. The description of Acrocanthosaurus as a very common prickly bone in the 1980s, [22] in the semi-specialized books of that time on dinosaurs.

In the early 1850s, three high-quality spikes were found in England in the early Cretaceous era. At first these neurons were considered very similar to the spines of Acrocanthosaurus, [25] so in 1988 Gregory S. Paul placed the same dinosaur as the second species in the genus Acrocanthosaurus, named A. altispinax. . Previously, in 1923, another dinosaur genus, also in England, was described based on only one fossil, and also named Altispinax. [26] This made at least one scholar mistaken that Altispinax was synonymous with Acrocanthosaurus. [25] These three nerve spikes are now classified as Becklespinax, not Acrocanthosaurus or Altispinax.

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