They stole my money and are not giving it back. This is the smallest of my problems, as my education is so important, but they have done nothing to eliminate the pain or anguish! I am very disappointed with not only the work that was done, but the services that I have received from EduBirdie.How do you think that these writers manage to do so much work in such a short space of time? from the time I had approached my writer to help with my first work she had about 150 pieces of work, then within one month, which is the time I had hired her to help with the second piece she had over 1500 completed pieces of work. Merican Eagle How does that happen? Merican Eagle In this country, theft is described as ‘an appropriation of property with the intention to permanently deprive’. If I had contested the work, and requested a refund, by them controlling the situation and taking my money anyway; this amounts to theft in my eyes!

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Merican Eagle face mask

Merican Eagle face mask

I had specifically asked for a person that knew about Semantics and all these offers came across saying how they read the work and understood the order. Merican Eagle After asking questions about who knew about the subject I chose a writer who proclaimed she was an expert in semantics and had done similar work. I hired her previously and gave her a raving review after I felt her first work was written very well. The system doesn’t allow you to delay the review after results are released because you have to do a review straight away; otherwise I would have. Just before she finished my work (the second piece), Merican Eagle I had received a clear FAIL from my university for the first work that she had done. I was and still am very upset about that! I only have myself to blame. EduBirdie says that they do not guarantee grades! (not even a pass!)

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Merican Eagle face mask

Nevertheless, I read the draft for the second piece and decided not to take it because it didn’t seem to answer the question and I had read the supporting book for the subject; it appeared that she did not know the subject at all. I went on to contest the work and request a refund, but EduBirdie had come back saying that as I had submitted the work they automatically gave the girl the money; even though I had not downloaded or submitted that work. Merican Eagle Merican Eagle I have had to withdraw from the subject due to my failed mark and do the year again, so how on earth can they assume I submitted the work! I am so angry!! My recommendations to everyone is, they say you have a choice to use the work or not, but it is! I have never failed work before! and I am now doing my master’s degree after achieving a 2:1 for my 1st degree. This service is poor, and only concerned with getting money. Me on the other hand, have now to do my year again, at a cost of £9,000 per year, and a loss of over £170 from both the works that I had paid for.

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