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In March 1982, Anheuser-Busch rolled out its new Bud Light in 40 states. It was the nation’s largest brewery’s long-awaited return salvo to Miller’s 1975 introduction of Miller Lite. That beer had propelled Miller from a relative also-ran in the increasingly consolidating American beer market to the No. 2 brewery behind Anheuser-Busch, a position it (and its later iterations) would not relinquish until A-B InBev took it over last year. Busch light crocs crocband clog. A-B was not exactly looking for the same boost from Bud Light—or, “Budweiser Light,” as it was originally supposed to be called. The company bestrode American brewing like a watery colossus. Its market share was just under 30 percent, well ahead of even a surging Miller, never mind the likes of Coors and pending failures such as Stroh and Schlitz which had lost that No. 2 spot to Miller

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What’s more, it looked like little would change. All the trends and all the analysts predicted ever more strength for the largest breweries in terms of sales and production. In fact, the biggest threats were not from other, smaller breweries—there were only 93 breweries nationwide anyway in 1982—but from a newly resurgent. Busch light crocs crocband clog. American wine industry and the rocket-ship rise of vodka. Swedish brand Absolut had washed onto American shores in 1979, and was eating into every alcoholic-beverage sector, including beer.

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