Walmart That was an AMAZING gesture of goodwill and kindness. I only hope that Walmart gave them a huge discount. Well congratulations on the award I’m going to see a positive thing you don’t need to have an award to be appreciated appreciation comes within from your fellow employees appreciation is love for one another that’s appreciation you don’t need a plaque to show how love you really are

You can't scare me I work at Walmart I've seen it all Halloween shirt women's flowy tank top

So I want everyone on my list to know, that I tried to send a loved one a Walmart Gift card to help her out. Walmart e-gift card said delivery would be within 4 hours but typically only takes minutes. I made the purchase this afternoon and the email has not yet been sent. Walmart finance has put a hold that can take 24 hours to clear. The money is already taken on my credit card and basically, Walmart has not honored the purchase as the website indicated it would. I view this as fraud. They say it will resolve within 24-48 hours but there is no reason it should be delayed at all. I was told three different stories by two different customer service reps. Just be aware that this is not the way to go. I will find a better option in future and this just solidified my belief that Walmart is the bottom of the barrel. I cannot say how powerless I feel that my friend also has to wait for assistance she needed today.

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