[WOW] Easily Distracted by The Beatles shirt, hoodie, tank top

I’m serious yall if you want a late night laugh flip it over to Cuomo and lemon head pure entertainment and enjoyment to see those stage 3 and 5 trump derangement syndrome talking heads trying to conjure up the next “bombshells”. Part of me thinks they should leave Jeff right where he is. He’s doing a fantastic job of driving that bus right off of a cliff. But I gotta wonder, how the hell that tool has kept his job this long? When I’m in an airport and forced to listen to CNN, I laugh when the fake masters spin the “news”. Treat it like a comedy show. Laughter is contagious. People start laughing along with you. Easily Distracted by The Beatles sweaterEasily Distracted by The Beatles unisex hoodieThere’s a lot of ppl that hate CNN. Tuned in the following Monday after the Mueller report memo came out to see their reaction. Needless to say, I changed the channel after hearing them spout the same rhetoric they had been lying as bout since the election. CNN probably could care less. Let’s face it, if they were a real news media outlet why wouldn’t they be more concerned with the criticism they’ve taken for reporting false news. They haven’t been and that kind of attitude is not consistent with a company that is in competition with other mainstream media. On the Easily distracted by The Beatles shirt, they’ve doubled down, and it tends to make me believe they’re nothing more than a propaganda tool of the CIA solely for the purpose of conditioning the minds of less educated people to believe what they feed them.

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