Cleveland Faucet Group (CFG), a division of Moen Incorporated, has recently been recognized by MultiHousing News magazine as a Builders’ Award-winning manufacturer. The company received this honor for its strong commitment to bring faucet innovation, reliability and service to the multi-family housing market. Guided by a comprehensive market research study and in-depth interviews with general contractors, developers, maintenance supervisors, plumbers, and wholesalers, Moen significantly increased its long-term investment in the design of CFG’s products and its manufacturing and assembly plant in Guangzhou, China.

“No other faucet manufacturer can claim the breadth and depth of competencies and the level of commitment that Moen has brought to the multi-family market through Cleveland Faucet Group,” says CFG’s Dennis Kester, vice president and general manager. “Our objective is to increase customers’ return on investment by upgrading the quality of its multi-family customer’s faucet specifications. We’re delighted to be recognized for our efforts by the readers of MultiHousing News as a builders’ choice.


Customer research has shown that a large portion of faucets in multi-family projects are replaced within 15 months. “Since these faucets are replaced so often, we designed our Cornerstone collection with many key benefits exclusive to this market,” says Kester. “The Cornerstone faucets offer nearly a six-time improvement in our customer’s ROI, when labor and faucet costs are evaluated. In addition, the Cornerstone line is backed with a 10-year warranty–a benefit the majority of faucets in multi-family housing projects do not have. Finally, we have a dedicated sales force and customer service group to support all Cleveland Faucet Group products.”

Jill Bernaciak, CFG brand and product manager, explains additional benefits of the Cornerstone line: “Our products feature a ceramic cartridge design, which combats service issues associated with hard water and line debris. This is especially noteworthy, as competitive faucet designs can be susceptible to hard water and extreme temperatures. We also deliver the best durability available in this market, and provide ease of service with fewer moving parts.”


After a thorough analysis, a leading property management company chose the CFG line for its properties. According to the company’s official announcement, the CFG line was chosen “due to the quality, appearance, endurance and overall cost savings. (Cleveland Faucet Group) is superior in all categories, lasting longer and holding up to more resident abuse.”

Another national customer says, “The Cleveland Faucet Group line has an easy-to-clean, modern appearance that enhances the overall style and function of our kitchens and baths. Matching tub/shower faucets with pressure balancing and temperature limits are available, ensuring a consistent look throughout our apartments. The Chrome finish is designed to withstand the harsh chemicals used by our residents and staff.”


The benefits of CFG products don’t stop with the property managers–both plumber and renters can quickly see the advantages, as well. These include:

  •  Quick Connect flexible supply lines in the Cornerstone line allow plumbers to realize significant, immediate labor savings, and fast, trouble-free installation
  •  Cornerstone’s Neoprene gaskets take the place of plumber’s putty–saving additional time and money
  •  All faucets are ADA-compliant

Kester emphasizes, “Our top concern is the customer’s payback from the project in the long-run. Our in depth research helped CFG identify the needs of the affordable, luxury, and moderate segments. We also consider the lifestyle and income profile of residents. We then respond with job-appropriate recommendations, and provide the right products at the right price and the market knowledge to help our customers meet their profit goals for conversion or occupancy.”

CFG meets Moen’s quality and design standards, so products satisfy renters and exceed customers’ expectations. New faucet styles, with a broader offering of finishes, are being introduced this year, and will expand CFG’s presence as a full-line supplier. Homasote Company has been building quality in and keeping sound down in multi-family housing for decades. With the International Building Code now requiring sound control and architects seeking more green building products, Homasote[R] panels can make architects, builders, customers, and environmentalists happy at the same time.

Founded in 1909 by industrialist Eugenius Outerbridge, the company is America’s oldest manufacturer of building products–from recycled material, recycling post-consumer newsprint, and other paper–into an environmental icon, one-of-a-kind structural fiberboard called Homasote[R].

Today, Homasote products are known worldwide for sound control in walls and floors, nail-base roof insulation and roof deck, highly tackable bulletin boards, high-end ultra-tackable interior panels, and concrete forming and expansion joint applications.

The newest Homasote[R] sound-control panel, ComfortBase[R] PRO, is being introduced at the AIA convention in Las Vegas this month. A 4’x4′ panel designed for installation of hardwood floors over concrete in multi-family housing, ComfortBase[R] PRO is sanded to a .450-inch thickness with the bottom kerfed in a checkerboard pattern. It is installed under a 3/4″ plywood subfloor. Resting on the concrete slab, it attenuates noise transmission to the floor below. Architects, builders and developers will want to check out ComfortBase[R] PRO before designing expensive sound attenuating systems for multi-floor structures.

Other popular Homasote[R] products include:

* 440 SoundBarrier[R], the flagship product and basic board from which Homasote products are made. The 1/2″ panel of 4’x8′ Homasote[R] has become a staple for sound control in floor and wall systems and is an excellent dry alternative to poured concrete. UL-rated floor and wall assemblies allow architects and builders to create commercial or residential space that help meet the International Building Code for IIC and STC

* Firestall[R] and EasyPly[R] Roof Decks are structural load-bearing roof decks made with plies of Homasote[R] board

* The sanded panel, PINnacle[TM], an extremely attractive, easy-to-maintain tackable surface for all public areas

* Burlap Panels, tackable panels made with a 440 SoundBarrier[R] substrate wrapped in natural, wide-weave jute

* DesignWall[R], decorative wall panels are available in five decorator colors

* NovaCork panels, in which a substrate of 440 SoundBarrier is covered with a thin layer of natural cork, can take tacking over and over again
Maxxon[R], the floor specialists, is recognized worldwide as the pioneer and leader in floor technologies. From a full spectrum of floor underlayments to the ultimate sound deadening systems, Maxxon[R] offers proven solutions for a world of floor challenges. From the original Gyp-Crete[R] Floor Underlayment, the Maxxon line has expanded to include five gypsum floor underlayments, Level-Right[R] Self-Leveling Underlayments, and Acousti-Mat[R] sound control systems.

Acousti-Mat[R] provides the superior sound control that’s fast becoming a standard amenity in today’s multi-family properties. Ideal for new construction or renovation, Acousti-Mat is available in two levels of sound control–Acousti-Mat II, the low-profile sound control system, and Acousti-Mat 3, for floor systems that have been impossible to control, such as open beam, concrete slab, and conventional wood frame construction.

Sound ratings of 45 F-IIC and F-STC, and 50 IIC and STC are standard requirements for multi-family housing, limiting interior floor covering choices to basic carpet and pad. But with Acousti-Mat, design possibilities include the full spectrum of floor goods options such as marble, ceramic tile, or hardwoods, and–with the addition of Level-Right WearTop–even the popular concrete foot look. All this, without sacrificing sound control. Acousti-Mat can be installed in hard surface areas only, or throughout the entire floorplan to ensure peace and quiet from nearly all impact and airborne noises.

Designed for today’s fast-track project schedules, Acousti-Mat installation is fast and easy. After laying Acousti-Mat over the subfloor, Maxxon dealers pour a high-strength Maxxon underlayment over it. Acousti-Mat’s nylon core of fused entangle filaments attached to a non-woven fabric create a void and actually isolate sound waves between the subfloor and the high-strength Maxxon underlayment.

Acousti-Mat II increases IIC and STC levels up to 10 points over wood frame and IIC up to 20 points over concrete. Acousti-Mat 3’s layer of entangle filaments is three times thicker, consequently increasing IIC and STC levels up to 17 points over wood frame and IIC up to 25 rating points over concrete.

J.E. Dunn Construction–North Central, recently used 80,000 square feet of a specialized Acousti-Mat System on The Security Warehouse Loft project in downtown Minneapolis. According to Dan Olson, Job Superintendent, “The Maxxon product performed very well with the Acousti-Mat Sound Control System. We achieved sound ratings higher than 55, and that was excellent for our open beam application.”

As the floor underlayment industry leader, that’s what Maxxon can offer–expert sound control resources and advice. From architect/builder presentations on sound control, to the Guide to Proper Acoustical Construction, to the portfolio of Sound Control System Success Stories, the Maxxon network of representatives will work with builders and architects to deliver superior sound control, customized to individual projects.

The Acousti-Mat sound control systems have been proven on over 40 million square feet of building projects throughout the United States and Canada. Maxxon dealers now offer Enkasonic[R], the original sound control mat.

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