It isn’t easy being a leader in the competitive product category of kitchen and bath faucets, but Delta Faucet Co., of Indianapolis, has executed all the right moves to hold that high honor of distinction. More builders reported using the product than those of its nearest competitors, according to Professional Builder magazine’s 1996 Brand Use Study. Conducted from a random sampling of some 25,000 builders across the country, the survey reveals those brands that contractors reported using in their construction jobs. Under the Bath & Kitchen Faucet product category of the survey,

Delta Faucets was the brand used exclusively by 45.4% of builder-respondents.

Even more significant, however, is the fact that Delta scored even higher overall, with 70% of the total number of respondents indicating that they used the brand in their construction projects. Delta Faucet is the brand of faucet used by 76.9% of builders in the North-Central region; 73.3% in the South; 65.5% in the Northeast; and 60.6% in the West. In addition, the Delta Faucet brand is mentioned by builders in a variety of types of construction activity: 74.5% reported using the brand in remodeling activities; 73.4%, custom-luxury homes; 72.8%, multifamily dwellings; and 68.9%, single-family homes.

With so much going for itself in brand recognition, Delta Faucet is not satisfied to rest on its laurels, instead focusing on meeting the needs of all its builder-customers, whether involved in production housing or luxury home construction.

“Delta Research and Development is always looking for new and better ways to bring water to people’s lives,” says Paul Patton, Senior Product Manager, Delta Faucet Co. “Over the last several years, consumers have become increasingly attentive to and more aware of benefits of faucets,” he says. “Consumers want ease of maintenance and products that are simple to use,” he adds.

A step-up line of faucets that addresses those needs as well as others, Delta Faucet recently introduced the Innovations series. Innovations was designed as a value-added alternative for the bathroom that is a “step up” from functional core faucets, but with a touch of luxury found in more premium, high-end products.

The Innovations line includes the introduction of Delta’s first-ever mini-widespread and mid-sized Roman tub faucets, in addition to centerset and widespread faucets. The collection is a new family of products for the Delta line, and all faucets in the collection are available in chrome, almond, chrome with polished brass and white finishes, in addition to a new, patented polished brass finish called Brillance[TM].

According to Patton, Delta’s research indicates that consumers want a quality product with smooth lines that is easier to clean and has a rounded, sleek appearance. That’s why Delta designed Innovations with a graceful, sculpted shape and a higher spout for a longer reach. “This beautiful combination equals the distinctive look and easy maintenance consumers want,” he says.

Delta also addresses the needs and concerns of the professional installer with this new line, he adds. The mini-widespread offers a breakthrough in installation technique that actually came from builder-customer focus groups, who had voiced concerns that this type of faucet was beautiful, yet difficult to secure by one person. To that end, Delta engineers came up with Quick-Snap[TM], a new patented installation that quickly snaps the valve of the faucet in place with the help of an umbrella-type mechanism which pops up and expands.

Patton says Delta is a brand leader for its constant emphasis on providing innovative, stylish faucets at a competitive price point, as well as for a variety of other attributes. “Delta products have a lifetime warranty standard, are water-tested before leaving the factory, and have machined brass valve construction and stainless steel ball valves, which add to quality standards,” he says. “We were the first faucet company to manufacture a durable polished brass faucet that can withstand salt spray and won’t scratch or tarnish with normal bathroom cleaners. There are so many reasons why Delta Faucet Co. is a brand leader,” and we will continue to follow the path that has given us this status,” he says.

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