n late 2000, Valley Presbyterian Hospital in Van Nuys, Calif., launched “Shaping Tomorrow,” a campaign to retrofit the entire hospital in order to bring it forward into the 21st century. Based on dramatic changes in healthcare delivery in the 1990s and new codes adopted after the 1994 Northbridge, Calif., earthquake, the hospital’s board of directors decided to build a new patient tower, offering enhanced state-of-the-art, technologically-advanced acute care capabilities.

Completed in 2004, the tower boasts 127 rooms, each with 250 sq. ft. of space, giving patients the most modern technology for their care. Each room is equipped with bedside high-speed Internet access, and new, innovative security devices monitoring newborns, triggering alarms if they are moved, making it one of the premiere centers in the San Fernando Valley for specialized care. Every last detail was thought of–right down to the faucets.

As with any new construction in the healthcare industry, faucet selection took careful consideration. Delta turned out to be an attractive choice for this application for several reasons.
“They were looking for a faucet that offered quality construction, but also featured the same level of technology that was incorporated throughout the rest of the hospital,” said Dick Knapp of Megawestern Sales, Delta Faucet Co. representative for the Valley Presbyterian renovation.

Among the products chosen, the 591 electronic faucets from Delta really stood out. The faucet combines beauty and brains, featuring a stylish design and second-generation technology surpassing most of the competition for performance in the field. “We decided on the 591 because it encompasses all that we were looking for. It’s a tough product that will stand up to heavy use, but it has a sleek design so it looks and feels nice,” said Knapp. “On top of that, the hands-free feature brings us into the high-tech era and is especially important in a hospital setting for better infection control.” In addition, the automatic shut-off will help conserve water, an important feature for the state of California.

Delta Faucet Co. played an important role in bringing Valley Presbyterian into the 21st century. Among its many benefits, the 591 features a high-frequency signal that eliminates interference by other infrared sources and fluorescent lighting, often found in hospital settings. In addition, an audible low battery indicator helps prevent downtime.

“There was a joint decision made between us and the hospital to go with the 591,” said Michael Kim of the architecture firm Lee, Burkhart & Liu Inc., Marina del Rey, Calif. “It’s a high-performance faucet that will continually meet the needs of the hospital staff and patients.” According to Knapp, the faucets were just what Valley Presbyterian Hospital needed: “With technology as the key feature for this new tower, these electronic faucets from Delta were an intelligent choice!”

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