You demand the highest standards of quality and durability and the latest in design and innovation. Delta Faucet Co. is committed to meeting those goals by continuously introducing new, beautifully engineered products specifically designed for commercial applications. Delta is taking a fresh approach to the way we do business, and we have conducted extensive research to ensure that you have the right products for your particular needs. We are taking the lead in product design and constantly investigating new categories and opportunities to appeal to customers who want style backed by the known reliability of Delta. Plus, with Delta’s stringent testing procedures to ensure quality throughout the entire product line, your customers will always be satisfied.

This year, look for several new product introductions from Delta, including two new additions to our electronic family of faucets.

Delta is reinventing the mixing/metering category by combining electronic solenoid technology and above-deck temperature control in a single unit. The new Mixing/Metering[TM] 595 Series was put to the test in real-world high-traffic applications, and designed with an electronic solenoid valve to ensure that it isn’t affected by poor water conditions, high pressure or temperature changes. Each faucet must also endure 150,000 Life Cycle Test repetitions to guarantee that it consistently delivers the health code standard of 15 seconds of water flow. With this level of craftsmanship, you can be confident that the new Mixing/Metering 595 faucet will provide years of trouble-free service and exceed your performance expectations.

Delta has taken faucet technology to the next step with their new Mixing/Sensing[TM] 596 Series of electronic faucets. This new faucet design combines user-friendly hands-free sensing with ADA-compliant above-deck temperature control in a single unit–technology the industry has been waiting for. The consumer-preferred high-arch spout is one inch longer than standard commercial faucets, providing added style with more space for users to wash their hands. And, after five years of testing, you can rely on the Mixing/Sensing 596 faucet to digitally calibrate itself upon installation and read its environment every one-third of a second to ensure a 30-second maximum run time.

Beyond the electronics category, Delta introduces the Synergy[TM] series, part of the Cambridge Brass[R] commercial faucet line. Constructed from cast brass bismuth alloy heated to 1,814[degrees]F, combined with a highly polished chrome finish, Synergy sets an industry standard for durability and style. Its one-piece, seamless design adds to its sleek appearance and ensures easy maintenance and cleaning. We developed Synergy not only for your engineering and style needs, but also with your budget in mind. We’ve priced this faucet series as an affordable step up to standard fabricated faucets.

Delta is dedicated to developing new, innovative and affordable products backed with the high quality and reliability of the largest U.S. manufacturer of residential and commercial faucets. For more information about Delta’s beautifully engineered products, call 1-800-345-DELTA (3358), or visit.

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