Homeowners involved in building or remodeling judge the small things as harshly as the big picture. That’s why Chicago Faucets offers plumbers quick turnaround support in emergencies. “A lot of times a plumber is going out the back door having finished the project just as the new owners are coming in the front door for an inspection,” says Michele Hudec, marketing manager. “They’re under the gun to get the project finished right and we have to help.”

The Chicago firm works with manufacturing representatives and distributors to keep installers up to date. An important part of that effort is making sure all the instructions available make sense. “We work with plumbing contractors when we’re developing new product,” Hudec says. “If we’ve rewritten installation guidelines for a product we’ll let a plumber test them. “The contractors we work with can let us know if there’s a problem or that instructions do make sense and the installation went smoothly,” Hudec says. “We’re also constantly looking at ways to make our product easier to install.”

That simplification effort is important to a company when a great deal of the business is commercial and installation situations are unique or varied. Chicago Faucets is working to improve residential product installations as well, she reports. If a plumbing sub is on a job site and there’s trouble with a part, subs typically call the manufacturer’s representative or the distributor to check on local availability. “Our distributors understand the plumbing contractor’s needs,” Hudec says. “But if that doesn’t work, they can call us here and we’ll help them out.”

Dedication to service includes shipping replacement parts to a job overnight. “That’s something we’ll do if it’s an emergency,” she says. “Our Customer Service department also can help contractors. Many of those people answering the Customer Service phone have plenty of plumbing knowledge and can answer very technical questions.” She says homeowners have even been known to call to get questions answered and a Customer Service representative will walk them through the solution. This on-line hand-holding service provides peace of mind for installers and owners, which adds value to the product line.

The premium-priced Chicago Faucets line offers long life design, all-brass construction and well-thought-out instructions. These features help the company deliver on its promise to provide plumbers with a product customers will be happy to have in their homes. “The quality of an installation should be perfect and our product offers well-known performance when installed properly. We’re working to make that happen,” Hudec says.

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