Blender will be the secret of successful housewives. However, overuse will have a serious impact on health.
Here are some mistakes to make when using a blender:

Mothers with mothers abuse the blender

When vegetables are mixed with rice porridge, baby rice will be loaded into the body more, many moms use blender to grind food for children until 3 to 4 years. I think that my child will eat all 4 groups, just nutrition, and fast, “forcing the mouth shut, how well … swallow.

According to nutritionists, this is a misconception. Blending food will cause the baby to reflect swallowing, ignoring the chewing period, not stimulated taste, no appetite, gradually she will be lazy.

Moreover, because of the boring porridge porridge, many children protest by vomiting. If prolonged, it will ulcer, stomach ulcer. The vomit is out to adults also know. Many cases of children reflux, but only the middle back and then fall into the lungs, causing prolonged cough like asthma.

Therefore, the advice of nutritionists is not to abuse the blender to grind food for children. It is recommended that children get to know the raw food by age.

Do not use hot water to clean the blender

Think that hot water can disinfect and clean the blender faster so many people have poured hot water directly into the mortar. However, this will make the mortar easier to crack and the smell of plastic will stick to the food.

So after the milling, you should pour water into the soak and use soft scab, clean the parts of the machine. Wash the miller under the tap and shake it well to rinse off the sticky food. Avoid sticking to food for as long as it will make the milling-mill more difficult.

Do not grind lots of ingredients at the same time

Many people make food for babies to eat and ripe food in a mill, then cook it again. According to nutrition experts, doing so is very unlikely because it is easy to eat raw food has not really mature, the risk of cross infection is very easy to attack young children.

Another mistake when processing a vitamin mixture, many people give all the ingredients at the same time. This is a misconception because blenders can not grind raw materials of different hardness, soft. It is best to leave the grinder in the first place, then grind it first, then softener. In this way the smoothie will be better and the blade will last longer, and the machine will last longer.

Do not forget to unplug the socket before assembling it

After using and before disassembling the parts of the blender for cleaning, you need to unplug it to make sure it is safe. Many people have forgotten this process. It is also a mistake to always put food on the machine without checking whether the parts have been assembled correctly or not. It is easy to break the plastic cover, wear gear between the machine body and the mill.

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