Blender is a household appliance that is very popular among Vietnamese families. Therefore, housewives, sanitation workers need to know how to use the blender. This article will guide you the most basic to using the blender properly.

1. Identify and distinguish the blender
Before learning how to use the blender we recognize and distinguish the blenders in the market.

1.1. Blender, wet

Most commonly used are simple blenders, with two functions of grinding, dry grinding. These machines are especially rich in brand names, from Fujiyama, Panasonic, Gallium, HomePro, Media, Hitachi, Nona … are easy to use, originating in China, Taiwan, joint venture to Philips products. , National genuine. Prices range from 200,000 to more than 1 million per product, warranty period is about 12-24 months.

Typically, the set includes two types of millstones for users to change:

Measuring 1-2 liters for blending (blending with water)
Smaller grinders can be used to grind dry meats, cereals …
In addition, these machines are designed from 2-3 fast-speed switch button to adjust the level of the product.

Stainless steel or stainless steel blades, glass or plastic containers, resistant to heat. Some models are also designed for user safety, which automatically protects the circuit breaker when overloaded.
1.2. Versatile grinder

The market is a multi-function grinder that is “integrated” more functions such as juice juice, orange juice, beat eggs … Each feature of the machine will have a different mill and knife, when using the calculator. Which will fit the knife and knife of that feature. This is particularly convenient, helping the kitchen to be more compact.

Multifunction blender brands in the market such as Philips, Moulinex (France), National … Most versatile machines have a safety system will automatically shut down when trouble. Machine allows the user to grind and press the same vitamins on the same machine platform. Some Philips models have an Auto Clean function that cleans the mill and blade, and some models have active mode displays.

1.3. Hand blender

Compact, convenient to use, Philips branded blenders, Braun, Shinil … are increasingly popular. Fruit juices, soybeans, cereals, egg whites are made simple when assembled with support devices designed for individual parts.

Using this product, the food is not only finer, more convenient to move, but also the user can adjust the speed as you want, especially cleaning machine is very easy.
2. How to use the blender properly
The save to use the blender properly

2.1. Before use

Do not operate the machine when there is no food in the main mill or the mill and do not remove the cap until the knife stops rotating.
Prior to grinding should look at norms and often use less food than norms; The food should be carefully filtered (meat, fish) and grinded in a moderate amount, before blending right to drain to avoid shooting out.
2.2. At work

When grinding, add water or milk to the glass to increase the efficiency of grinding or mixing and extend the life of the machine.
To avoid danger when the machine is operating, do not use your hands or other foreign objects to get food or get out of the machine.
Do not grind over 30 seconds. Let the machine rest for a few minutes then use it again, especially when the machine is hot.
2.3. Cleaning the blender

Disconnect the power before cleaning the appliance. Be careful with the blades and cutting parts of the blender during operation and cleaning.
As soon as it is finished, unplug it, lift the mortar out of the pedestal, and then turn clockwise to remove the bottom of the mortar.
Do not clean the body directly with water but use a wet towel, soft brush or sponge for cleaning. Do not clean the product with metal detergent, detergent or corrosive liquid.
After using the machine, pour water into the dip and clean the machine immediately after. If left for a long time, vegetables, fruit, food … will hold fast, and a good environment for the disease causing bacteria, and difficult to clean up later.
Drain the dish into a soft cloth, clean the mortar, the mortar and chopsticks. Use the towel wand wash each slot to get all the food to cling.
Wash the appliance under strong tap, so that the remaining residue can be removed.
When the machine is very clean, take soft rags, wet wipe, then vent or cool down when the machine is dry or the machine will smell bad.
Ensure long-term use, after milling, soaking and rinsing knives and hoppers with a soft brush. Do not overheat water then mortar in the refrigerator, because with crunchy plastic material very cracked roots.

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